Letter to HRCSL intervention on Sencholai Model Village land dispute


16th October, 2019

Mr. Thangavel Kanagaraj,
Regional Coordinator,
Human Rights Commission of Sri Lanka,
Regional Office,

Dear Mr. Kanagaraj,

Rgrd: HRCSL intervention on Sencholai Model Village land dispute

Following up from our conversation with you yesterday, based on our recent visit to the Sencholai Model Village in Kilinochchi, we wish to express our concern over the current status of the ongoing land dispute taking place there.

It has come to our notice that despite the mutually beneficial agreement reached between both affected communities at the meeting held by the HRC recently, the Karachchi Divisional Secretariat has issued eviction notices to 15 of the 54 families to evacuate their lands by 15th October, 2019 (date lapsed). The community is distraught, as, being former orphans from the Sencholai children’s home, they have no other lands or houses in their name, and nowhere to go if the eviction notice is to be forcibly implemented.

Therefore, we appeal to the HRC on behalf of the 54 families, to intervene once again on this issue by bringing all parties, including the DS, together to re-negotiate and reach an amicable and effective resolution to this land dispute.

Thank you.

Yours sincerely,


Marisa de Silva

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