PARL discussion with Kurundumale community

According to the information provided to us by the villagers, nearly 134 families fled their homes in Kurundumale, to other areas in Mullaitivu, due to the war. (Their village and houses were completely burnt down by the army during the 1984 insurgency). However, even though they left the village, they continued to cultivate, fish, hunt and farm in Kurundumale until 2018. These villagers had title deeds to Kurundumale lands but, many lost these documents during the war and riots. However, they have other proof of residence, such as  voter registration sheets, national identity cards, birth certificates, marriage certificates etc.,
In 2018, a Buddhist monk visited the village and simultaneously the Department of Archaeology initiated a survey of the village. According to the villagers, the monk had built a temple that removed a small Hindu place of worship (Trisoolam/Trident), where the villagers had worshipped for generations. 
The villagers also allege that it was during this time that movements were restricted due to the COVID-19 related lockdowns. Therefore, excavation work by the Department of Archeology, was carried out in secret, in 2021. Further, at present, villagers are not allowed to visit this site, and their lands have been demarcated and taken over by the Archaeology Department. Cases are pending against the villagers for “trespassing” on the premises of the Department of Archeology, and PARL is following up on this issue.