PARL colloquium on land rights

PARL colloquium on land rights was held on 23-24 January 2024 with the participation of individuals and organizational representatives who are working in the fields of land, agriculture, irrigation and environment. All the participants critically analyzed the present land and water policies which are mainly focused on facilitating the neo liberal economic reforms and highlighted the devastating effects which they are making on the lives of human and non-human beings of this land. Furthermore, they emphasized the need of an alternative land policy which addresses the issues related to agriculture, land distribution, land use, irrigation management and environment which focus on sustainable use of resources prioritizing the needs of the people, all other living beings and their future generations in this land who are equally entitle to enjoy these resources. Based on this consensus, a basic framework for a future land policy was drafted collectively. This basic framework will be taken up for a series of discussions with diverse communities in the country in order to incorporate their views before finalizing. The finalized document will act as a guiding framework for future research, advocacy actions and activism of PARL and other organizations and individuals who are work in solidarity with PARL.